Need a Change to your New Year Resolution? – Have Better Sex!

Mar 12
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resEven though we’re 2 ½ months into the new year, it’s never too late to retain focus on the New Years Resolution. How about having more (and better) sex?

Not only is it more fun then a traditional health-related resolutions, it develops a closer bond and makes intimacy new and exciting.

Sex burns many calories too so in a way it accomplishes double-duty with exercise related resolutions anyway.

Convinced? You should be! Here are 5 great ways to have a year of fabulous sex.

1. Leave the Bedroom.

It’s so easy to associate lovemaking with the bedroom. After all, that’s traditionally the area where all the action takes place. Try other rooms, like the kitchen counter or rocking chair. Furthermore, these places offer different possibilities of positioning making intercourse feel different. Try sitting on the counter while he stands on the floor or sitting in his lap on a rocking char. The back and forth movement of the chair matches your body’s motion completely enhancing the experience. Once you’ve accustomed yourself to these new areas, be more adventurous, why not try outside on the balcony or under a shady tree in a deserted park? The world is your sex playground!

2. Adult Playtoys

Many women associate a vibrator with solo playtime but there is a whole hearth of accessories designed specifically for couples. Try a vibrating ring for example, a soft device he wears that provides vibrations you’ll feel every time your bodies come close. The subtle addition has quite the impact and offers an entirety new tingle that always welcome. Browse together online at a store for couples like where you can even ask the staff for some ideas and they’ll suggest things to get you started.

3. Quickies!

We’ve all seen a novel’s worth of foreplay tips and know how to set the scene for romance with candles, massages lotions and such. For an entirely new twist on passion, enjoy a quickie. Imagine this: You’re walking in the hall way going to put away some laundry in the closet. He’s coming out of the bedroom going to the kitchen to fix a snack. You meet and start kissing in the hallway, clothes come off quickly and a minute later you’re making love standing in the hallway. You knees buckle from the heat of the moment you two collapse to the ground. Your heart is beating so fast all of a sudden causing your whole body to feel tingly and excited. Once you’re done, your knees are still wobbly the entire time you’re folding laundry…

4. Read Erotica Novels

Riding on the back of 50 Shades of Grey popularity comes a flood of new erotica novels on the market. Reading a book describing a sexy love scene will bring your mind into a soothing serene sense complete with arousal and seduction. It’s no secret the mind is our most powerful tool when it comes to arousal and great sex so setting the scene in your head through a passionate story will get your internal juices flowing and prepare you for a passionate encounter. You’re already in the mood now sex will feel better since you’re already there! Don’t be overwhelmed when you walk into a book store, research erotica reviews first so you know what type of story best appeals to you.

5. Fantasize

Piggy backs on the previous tip. Read the novel and you’ve got a mind full of sexy shirtless studs waiting to carry you away to temptation island on horseback. The greatest part about fantasizing is you can imagine anyone you want. Following the suggestion where the mind is the most powerful arousal tool, imagine your lover is a superhero coming to save you and you’re the luckiest girl in the world as he choose you for his mistress! Every time you make love imagine a hot scene and each time will feel different.

Gift for woman – happy ending for you.

Jan 25
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sex gift
To all the guys out there with a girlfriend, wife or bed buddy. Read the following gift guide. It’s all about getting something for you. What better motivation for showering your lady with gifts then to know that you’re getting your sexual needs met in the end. The following practically guarantees you’ll get sexually satisfied before the night is over. The next time you feel like treating her to something special, keep yourself in mind and get yourself a treat too.

1.) Lacy crotchless panties
We all know that women look great in lingerie, a corset is very hot but it covers the good stuff and prevents you from copping a feel. What’s a man to do? Get crotchless panties. They look great and you can still get your access. She will like it because it will hide any pubic hair stubble and protect you. She will feel much less self conscious. She’s let you have sex with her because she will know that it hides any imperfections and here’s the big part: she might even let you leave the light on this time! You get sex and a better view with the lights on. Good start.

2.) Edible massage oil
You can give her a massage but that’s boring and most of the time she’s be so relaxed that she’ll fall asleep. That’s a no-go for you, a night of failure as you’re stuck all randy with your woman fast asleep. So much for the erotic sex that it promises. Here’s how you get around this. Skip the sensual and go for sexual, edible massage oil smells really good and tastes nice and sweet, it’s like subtle melted candy. Pour it on her back and as you rub it around, bend over and lick her neck, lick and nibble everywhere and she will slowly become aroused. your finger can “slip” and you can finger her pussy and then lick the taste out. Good for you because it covers her taste – that is of course if you’re not crazy about her taste. As you lick her, she will get turned on and you can use this sexual arousal for your own sexual needs, ’nuff said.

3.) Vibrating bullet
Too many men give their women vibrators. then they get an orgasm from the vibrator and most of the time, they are done and want to sleep. It’s a myth the women of many orgasms, for the most part, women only want 1 orgasm and then they check out. Orgasms make women tired and they don’t want to keep going all night long. The exception to this is a new relationship, they have the stamina of a lioness, but after a settled relationship, it’s a different turn of events. If you use a bullet vibrator, this simulates her clit and her vagina will get extra wet, extra fast. It will crave to be stuffed with nothing else but you. While you hold the vibrating bullet over her clit, finger her but only up the knuckle. It will create the biggest desire Finger her g-spot a little bit. She will crave you so much that the obvious ending is her begging for your cock. Give it to her. You win.

4.) Pole/belly dancing lessons.
You’ll need to have an outgoing girl for her to like this. The right type of girl will love it. If you’re unsure if she’s game with the idea of stripping front of you, buy an educational DVD. yes they exist. She can learn sexy moves in the privacy of her own home. She might practice in front of you. Another card to play is that it’s a good way to exercise. She will instantly agree. It’s a far fetched idea but of she’s game, you’ll have the best night because finally, you’ll be able o sleep with the lady testing an stripping in front of you without the risk if disease.

Giver the the gift of comfort, sexuality and she will give you the gift if sex and in the end that’s all we really want. Right guys?