Everyone loves an exotic girl. For us Americans, there is a certain appeal of the European girl that we can’t capture in words, but she captivates us and affects our desire on a different level. Maybe it’s because she’s different. We see Americans everyday and they become steak and potatoes.

An exotic babe from overseas is a little different and more then likely she brings with her a different way of moving, different sexuality then we’re used to seeing.

European girls love American men. Why? because to them – it’s us who are the exotic ones. They desire us just as much as we desire them. Think of imported wine, we think they’re better because they’re imported. Guess what? People from Europe like imported wine too, they think it’s better and do you know where that wine is imported from? The Great United States of America!

My point is that a foreign lady will desire you because you’re exotic and she will want you so when you are watching a show by a foreign lady, she actually wants you.

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