The REAL Vegas

Jan 4
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We all know that las vegas is the city of sin. The website below shows you just how much sin is being practiced at any given moment. Girls are asked if they want to board the whore wagon where they are taken around in the wagon. They are fuckked and screwed and they love it. The girls are full volunteers, they are eager and want to dabble a bit in the world of porn. This tells you that they are so eager and so excited to bare it all and get speared in their tiny little love holes, they are excited to put it on film and what does this mean for you? the HOTTEST AMATEUR VEGAS whores, right in your face, for you, they put their all into it, they’ll let anyone fucck them for the glory of appearing on the internet, especially on this popular Vegas website.


Later, the girls will go on the vegas confessions TV show and then tell their story about how they were walking around the strip with their home girls and then the next thing they know, this fancy Escalade pulls up and asks if they want to be part of the Whore Wagon. They say hell yea we are in Vegas, it’s a girls weekend out, let’s make this the most memorable weekend of our lives. So they board, are delighted to be asked to strip their clothes off. The girls say good thing they shave before their big trip in anticipation of meeting a fling – this is so much better!

They are getting the fling they wanted but with many well hung huge men all at once! Every woman fantasizes about being speared by a porn star with their huge cock. So in the wend, they are paraded around and filmed in the act. they are at their best. After they are exhilarated about what just happened. They are excited to tell their story to the people on camera and they are excited for you to watch it! What are you waiting for????

Strippers – have you really seen them all?

Aug 19
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Some people might think that if you’ve seen one stripper you’ve seen them all. As the current spokesperson for stripper advocacy, I’m here to say that you need to go to the strippers because they’re not all the same.

stripperIt’s like watching porn, you watched one you’ve watched them all but yet you still like your porn!
If I were to say the reason for his is that when you watch porno, you can jerk off in your own house, whereas when you go to see a stripper, you often leave with blue balls, unless you get a private room or the club offers special endings at a special price. I’m not for prostitution but look back to the pirate days, sex was the biggest industry! It still is today but the moral aspect of it has changed. Who’s fault is that? many women at home are too stuck up to ut out so what do you expect men to do?

I think that strippers are great because it’s what you watch on your computer screen – all in real life. Strippers are usually hot, it’s a tough world out there and that;s no exception. When you dance naked for money and you are literally competing with a handful of other girls for loonies, you need to be the best.

Look for nights or clubs that have costumes. That’s so erotic, the ladies dress in a costume and it better then being naked! It lets you really imagine something naughty. be sure to bring extra dollars and they’ll hover in your area. The poster will be better to because she’s be in costumer sometimes that naughty parts are covered is depending on your profession, it might be acceptable to hang the poster at your work.

Look for amateur night, these girls are stumbly and new so you can enjoy the fresh faces as watch as they grow into their role. Amateur nights are also more innocent looking because they are usually younger, most of the time they’ve been waiting go turn 21 so they can make the easiest money a woman can possible make.

Look for shower nights. Some clubs have showers where the ladies perform. I don’t need to elaborately on how great this is, but if you think you’ve seen them all, try going to a shower night and you’ll be presently surprised. The door will be open to enjoying the stripper show once again.

Roll out your loonies and support these babes. They did it because they want to perform and they want you to fill the seats and wath their show!

look for

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