Chicago Sexcon

Apr 13
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I don’t like to reveal where I like, frankly my closest friends don’t know what kind of operation I have online here but here’s a tidbit- I live in Chicago now and it’s time to announce my favorite event of the year: Chicago sexcon. The Sexcon is held at Chicago’s famous Excalibur night club. We also take over the adjoining Vision nightclub as well. So you know what that means, visit the event then party next door with the hot babes still dressed in their fetish gear after the BDSM show. Like a Halloween party with everyone still in fetish mode. Buy your tix in advance and I’ll see you at the show! If you want to know where I’ll be it’s in the line to see Co Co Velvet!


Playboy Wives

Aug 5
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It does not matter what other adjectives are used to describe Playboy girls, but regardless, you know they will be hot. These women are the cream of the crop. Playboy built a huge empire based on gathering the hottest girls in one place, putting them into cute little bunny costumes – and the rest is history!

You know what you’ll get here, good value for your hard earned buck so don’t delay, get in on the best adult action anywhere with this Playboy wives club.


These women are a different breed. It’s not your tradition porn site. The Playboy women are more for your viewing please, to tease the senses like fine wine, they wet your appetite like an amouse bouche at a fancy restaurant. These are women of class, and you are honored that they are stripping for you. The fine lines, perfect hair and elegant long and lean bodies are supermodel like in appearacne. The ladies of class have the best ass.

Gift for woman – happy ending for you.

Jan 25
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sex gift
To all the guys out there with a girlfriend, wife or bed buddy. Read the following gift guide. It’s all about getting something for you. What better motivation for showering your lady with gifts then to know that you’re getting your sexual needs met in the end. The following practically guarantees you’ll get sexually satisfied before the night is over. The next time you feel like treating her to something special, keep yourself in mind and get yourself a treat too.

1.) Lacy crotchless panties
We all know that women look great in lingerie, a corset is very hot but it covers the good stuff and prevents you from copping a feel. What’s a man to do? Get crotchless panties. They look great and you can still get your access. She will like it because it will hide any pubic hair stubble and protect you. She will feel much less self conscious. She’s let you have sex with her because she will know that it hides any imperfections and here’s the big part: she might even let you leave the light on this time! You get sex and a better view with the lights on. Good start.

2.) Edible massage oil
You can give her a massage but that’s boring and most of the time she’s be so relaxed that she’ll fall asleep. That’s a no-go for you, a night of failure as you’re stuck all randy with your woman fast asleep. So much for the erotic sex that it promises. Here’s how you get around this. Skip the sensual and go for sexual, edible massage oil smells really good and tastes nice and sweet, it’s like subtle melted candy. Pour it on her back and as you rub it around, bend over and lick her neck, lick and nibble everywhere and she will slowly become aroused. your finger can “slip” and you can finger her pussy and then lick the taste out. Good for you because it covers her taste – that is of course if you’re not crazy about her taste. As you lick her, she will get turned on and you can use this sexual arousal for your own sexual needs, ’nuff said.

3.) Vibrating bullet
Too many men give their women vibrators. then they get an orgasm from the vibrator and most of the time, they are done and want to sleep. It’s a myth the women of many orgasms, for the most part, women only want 1 orgasm and then they check out. Orgasms make women tired and they don’t want to keep going all night long. The exception to this is a new relationship, they have the stamina of a lioness, but after a settled relationship, it’s a different turn of events. If you use a bullet vibrator, this simulates her clit and her vagina will get extra wet, extra fast. It will crave to be stuffed with nothing else but you. While you hold the vibrating bullet over her clit, finger her but only up the knuckle. It will create the biggest desire Finger her g-spot a little bit. She will crave you so much that the obvious ending is her begging for your cock. Give it to her. You win.

4.) Pole/belly dancing lessons.
You’ll need to have an outgoing girl for her to like this. The right type of girl will love it. If you’re unsure if she’s game with the idea of stripping front of you, buy an educational DVD. yes they exist. She can learn sexy moves in the privacy of her own home. She might practice in front of you. Another card to play is that it’s a good way to exercise. She will instantly agree. It’s a far fetched idea but of she’s game, you’ll have the best night because finally, you’ll be able o sleep with the lady testing an stripping in front of you without the risk if disease.

Giver the the gift of comfort, sexuality and she will give you the gift if sex and in the end that’s all we really want. Right guys?

Strippers – have you really seen them all?

Aug 19
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Some people might think that if you’ve seen one stripper you’ve seen them all. As the current spokesperson for stripper advocacy, I’m here to say that you need to go to the strippers because they’re not all the same.

stripperIt’s like watching porn, you watched one you’ve watched them all but yet you still like your porn!
If I were to say the reason for his is that when you watch porno, you can jerk off in your own house, whereas when you go to see a stripper, you often leave with blue balls, unless you get a private room or the club offers special endings at a special price. I’m not for prostitution but look back to the pirate days, sex was the biggest industry! It still is today but the moral aspect of it has changed. Who’s fault is that? many women at home are too stuck up to ut out so what do you expect men to do?

I think that strippers are great because it’s what you watch on your computer screen – all in real life. Strippers are usually hot, it’s a tough world out there and that;s no exception. When you dance naked for money and you are literally competing with a handful of other girls for loonies, you need to be the best.

Look for nights or clubs that have costumes. That’s so erotic, the ladies dress in a costume and it better then being naked! It lets you really imagine something naughty. be sure to bring extra dollars and they’ll hover in your area. The poster will be better to because she’s be in costumer sometimes that naughty parts are covered is depending on your profession, it might be acceptable to hang the poster at your work.

Look for amateur night, these girls are stumbly and new so you can enjoy the fresh faces as watch as they grow into their role. Amateur nights are also more innocent looking because they are usually younger, most of the time they’ve been waiting go turn 21 so they can make the easiest money a woman can possible make.

Look for shower nights. Some clubs have showers where the ladies perform. I don’t need to elaborately on how great this is, but if you think you’ve seen them all, try going to a shower night and you’ll be presently surprised. The door will be open to enjoying the stripper show once again.

Roll out your loonies and support these babes. They did it because they want to perform and they want you to fill the seats and wath their show!

look for

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Exotic European Strippers

Jul 31
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Everyone loves an exotic girl. For us Americans, there is a certain appeal of the European girl that we can’t capture in words, but she captivates us and affects our desire on a different level. Maybe it’s because she’s different. We see Americans everyday and they become steak and potatoes.

An exotic babe from overseas is a little different and more then likely she brings with her a different way of moving, different sexuality then we’re used to seeing.

European girls love American men. Why? because to them – it’s us who are the exotic ones. They desire us just as much as we desire them. Think of imported wine, we think they’re better because they’re imported. Guess what? People from Europe like imported wine too, they think it’s better and do you know where that wine is imported from? The Great United States of America!

My point is that a foreign lady will desire you because you’re exotic and she will want you so when you are watching a show by a foreign lady, she actually wants you.

This babe is an exotic foreign stripper that lives on your desktop. Her name is Morgane, she is from the Czech republic and invades your computer at the tender age of 20, wanting nothing more then to please you. She’s very experienced too, winning a championship performance at the Prague Gentleman’s Club Invitational competition.

With her full natural tits, electrifying smile and warm eyes it’s no wonder why the judges loved her! She added herself to the desktop stripper database to show the world what she’s got. She wears this naughty corset and know how to work it. Click and sign hp to get Morgane to tea you every day. You’ll love the foreign stripper gal living on your desktop.