Is Double Penetration anal for real?

Mar 5
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dp anal sex

Just when you through you’ve seen it all, the babes in the porn industry stretch more to their limits and do the unthinkable – double penetration anal!

I’m sure that only 10 years ago, if you typed that into Google you wouldn’t have found anything even close to the subject but just as evolution takes it course and things change, this is one of those advancements in porn. Two cocks in one ass? Is that even possible? hell i don’t know but if you click on that banner and see for yourself. mainly out of sexual curiosity but there is obviously enough people who are interested because their is a whole porn site dedicated to this very strange sex practice.

All I can hope is that the girls are getting paid enough because who could handle two cocks in one anus? Well these girls can. I wonder if they started with regular anal and then upgraded to double anal. I bet that they have gaping ass holes like you see in some photos, they probably go for a photo shoot after their session too, i hope hope so anyway it’s a great way to monetize the situation.

Another question i would have is if it hurst for the guys. That would be one tight ass space! Does it hurt when their penises are stuck together and forced into one tiny hole? Hopefully they use lube. With all these burning questions, you have to go check this out for yourself!

How to spice up HER sex life

Jan 20
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If you want to hand the reins of pleasure to her, have a sex party. If you’re not into actually having one, you can imagine what it would be like by watching this sex party below and then you might be interested in dabbling into some cuckolding, a very old fashioned fetish that leaves the lead to the women while the men get to watch a porn movie in the making right in front of them. If you film it it’ll be a porn movie, but there is something very erotic and very very naughty about watching someone else spear your wife. It’s like having a threesome but you’re denying yourself pleasure, it’ a withholding fantasy that borders on BDSM in the way that you loose out.

Having your wife have sex with other men in front of you might turn you on, even tough you might think you’re jealous, many men do there is a certain ultra kinky appeal to it. It’s like a release of all that is wrong, making this a very taboo sex practice, It was back in the ol’ corset days when this term was coined, making it one of the most ancient sex practices out there.

If you’re not sure, you can watch porn, it’s like a gang bang of sex, she gets fucked by many men in her own bedroom. give it a watch, it’s a different fetish that every man should try at least once. It won’t cost you bouts of jealousy only, just few dollars for signup and then you can try other fetishes if this is not for you. may be you’ll like it and want your wife to get banged infront of you, who knows. This is how crazy fetishes begin so have some fun.

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16 100 Webcams!

Dec 16
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At the time of this post, there are 322 pages of web cam shows. On each page is 50 thumbnails previewing a webcam show, each with a different lady. I’ll do the match fir you, that;s a total of 16 100 webcam shows you can watch. If that’s not enough to make your knuckles raw and bare – there’s something wrong with you! Check out the hottest site for webcams today. Click on that banner and enjoy yourself.


Try the small tits section. It;s my suggestion of the day. The small boobies are very young, barely legal and these girls feel inferior to big boobied girls so they act more coy. It’s hot guys, trust me on that one.

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Why Blowjobs are King

Sep 30
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Blow jobs vs. sex. it’s an ongoing debate and in reality, most men can only choose between one or the other. The porn movie world seems so perfect with no pussy farts or premature ejaculations, and unexpected softies. What we don’t see is the 3/4 of the movies is edited out all the gross stuff and bloopers. In real life, most men cum and then they need to recharge, it’s not possible do keep going so you usually have to choose one or the other. Here are some reasons why blow jobs are king.

1.) It takes longer to cum.
There is no such thing as a one minute man when it comes to blow jobs. It takes longer and you get to enjoy more time of joy. Not much else to say about that, no one can argue there!

2.) It’s a fun view.
Watching pretty lady on your cock is so nice. It’s the ultimate act of submission for her to be sucking off your mansickle. Her down there you up there, especially when she gazes at you. That right there is like gold in your pocket.

3.) It’s more naughty.
Sex is normal, even strict religious people have sex (to procreate) so there is nothing that naughty abut sex. but a blow job, that’s something different altogether. It’s not natural so it’s a fetish act when you really think about it. Blow jobs are down and dirty.

4.) More varied sensations.
Sex is sex. It’s a nice warm tight place. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes you wan a little more sensation. Blow jobs vary because you have teeth, sucking, blowing, licking, flicking and stroking, teasing, nibbling.. there are so many ways that she can vary her mouth, teeth and tongue to make you feel different every second. there is a multitude of tips women know and read abut that means that your blow jobs will always be different, there are no two alike.

5.) No pregnancy rick.
The birth control pill is not 100% effective, there can be accidents. blow jobs are the same as abstinence. you can’t get pregnant so never worry about supporting some love kid. It’s all safe, no worries no fears, just lay back, or stand up and enjoy.

6.) Blowjob porn is fun to watch.
Dicks banging pussies, it can get old. try blowjob porn. Why just blowjob porn? because if they are going to make a video of all blowjobs, you bet that there will be a hundred different ways to do it, hundred of different positions and lots of variety because that same thing can’t be exciting for long,. Try some new form of porn and get blow job porn for one. Click that link to enjoy!

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69 Flavas – Nasty Interracial Threesome

Jul 31
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Sometimes you want some good hardcore threesome action. Enjoy these spicy babes as they enjoy the cock – and each other. It’s 69 Flavas and it’s a buffet of body parts waiting to be enjoyed. featuring such talents as Mika Tan, Trina Michaels, Tyler Knight, Kapri Styles, Deep Threat, J. Depth, Pleasure Bunny, Leilani Lovitt, Nadi Phuket, Taj Malai, Lorena Sanchez, Jean-Claude Batiste.

There is a little of everything for a randoms selection of sex. Nasty and just plain appetizing when you want filth. Lots of colors, lots of styles, it’s a mish-mash of flavours so you can enjoy 69’s of all kinds.

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