Blow jobs vs. sex. it’s an ongoing debate and in reality, most men can only choose between one or the other. The porn movie world seems so perfect with no pussy farts or premature ejaculations, and unexpected softies. What we don’t see is the 3/4 of the movies is edited out all the gross stuff and bloopers. In real life, most men cum and then they need to recharge, it’s not possible do keep going so you usually have to choose one or the other. Here are some reasons why blow jobs are king.

1.) It takes longer to cum.
There is no such thing as a one minute man when it comes to blow jobs. It takes longer and you get to enjoy more time of joy. Not much else to say about that, no one can argue there!

2.) It’s a fun view.
Watching pretty lady on your cock is so nice. It’s the ultimate act of submission for her to be sucking off your mansickle. Her down there you up there, especially when she gazes at you. That right there is like gold in your pocket.

3.) It’s more naughty.
Sex is normal, even strict religious people have sex (to procreate) so there is nothing that naughty abut sex. but a blow job, that’s something different altogether. It’s not natural so it’s a fetish act when you really think about it. Blow jobs are down and dirty.

4.) More varied sensations.
Sex is sex. It’s a nice warm tight place. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but sometimes you wan a little more sensation. Blow jobs vary because you have teeth, sucking, blowing, licking, flicking and stroking, teasing, nibbling.. there are so many ways that she can vary her mouth, teeth and tongue to make you feel different every second. there is a multitude of tips women know and read abut that means that your blow jobs will always be different, there are no two alike.

5.) No pregnancy rick.
The birth control pill is not 100% effective, there can be accidents. blow jobs are the same as abstinence. you can’t get pregnant so never worry about supporting some love kid. It’s all safe, no worries no fears, just lay back, or stand up and enjoy.

6.) Blowjob porn is fun to watch.
Dicks banging pussies, it can get old. try blowjob porn. Why just blowjob porn? because if they are going to make a video of all blowjobs, you bet that there will be a hundred different ways to do it, hundred of different positions and lots of variety because that same thing can’t be exciting for long,. Try some new form of porn and get blow job porn for one. Click that link to enjoy!