sexbeach1What’s the difference between a sex magazine and a sex blog? Nothing, it’s only how it looks. Sex toy reviews, sex tips and all the “how to get the girl” advice you could ever need is found from my favorite store, theadulttoyshop has a new sex blog. I like some of the posts they have, talking about terrible sex toys they would never sell – it’s an honest perspective you rarely see from a sex shop. Normally every store is like “this super orgasmic pleasure device will have you throwing your heard back in pure orgasmic ecstasy” only to have you disappointing from the over the top description. You won’t find that here, they are right to the point, no bullshit, no fluff. That’s why I love this place.

Of course you could buy something if you want, but it’s not necessary. Some poor girl sits on the other end of her keyboard all day long, typing endlessly and hoping that someone out there, somewhere will read her stuff. We’re nice people here at the erotic directory so we’ll provide her some referrals hopefully. Take a read, her stuff is funny and her sex tips are actually quite good. Also, it’s nice to read what women think of sex toys, a little juice for your masturbating.