Natural Big Tits are Real

Mar 31
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natural tits
Big tits that are fake and big tits that are real are very different from each other. Both are fantastic. I love them both but they each have their own appeal. Large natural tits are more natural, obviously. They flop more. When the girl rides you like a cowgirl, her tits flop about and sway with her movements. It’s allot of action and gives your eyes a whole lot to feast on.

You can move them and flop them and squish them in your handful. You can titty fuck them because the are like heavy sandbags that move with ease. You can make a titty fuck so tight that it seems as if you’re having sex within her vagina. It can be that tight! You can bury your face in them and wrap them around your head. Some tits are so big that you can muffle your hearing as they cover your ears!

Big tit nipples are very different too, they are flat and wide. usually pancake nipples which have lot of appeal. It’a all boob here. It’s the nature given well endowed female and she’s glorious in her natural beauty.

The contrary of fake huge tits is that they are too tight so you don’t have the movement and flexibility that comes with huge natural tits. I think that fake tits look really nice but they stay in place too much, there is something so spectacular about loosely flopping tits a a man just loves. It’s more natural.

Is Double Penetration anal for real?

Mar 5
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dp anal sex

Just when you through you’ve seen it all, the babes in the porn industry stretch more to their limits and do the unthinkable – double penetration anal!

I’m sure that only 10 years ago, if you typed that into Google you wouldn’t have found anything even close to the subject but just as evolution takes it course and things change, this is one of those advancements in porn. Two cocks in one ass? Is that even possible? hell i don’t know but if you click on that banner and see for yourself. mainly out of sexual curiosity but there is obviously enough people who are interested because their is a whole porn site dedicated to this very strange sex practice.

All I can hope is that the girls are getting paid enough because who could handle two cocks in one anus? Well these girls can. I wonder if they started with regular anal and then upgraded to double anal. I bet that they have gaping ass holes like you see in some photos, they probably go for a photo shoot after their session too, i hope hope so anyway it’s a great way to monetize the situation.

Another question i would have is if it hurst for the guys. That would be one tight ass space! Does it hurt when their penises are stuck together and forced into one tiny hole? Hopefully they use lube. With all these burning questions, you have to go check this out for yourself!