4 Reasons a Sexual Dry Spell is Good for a Relationship

Dec 6
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Romantic relationships travel through a similar course over time, starting with unending infatuation, lusty butterflies & giggly excitement. Over time the inevitable happens: infatuation ends, the couple discovers differences, perhaps there’s even a disagreement in there somewhere. Ask any mom or grandmother for advice and they may say “a relationship does not officially start until after the first fight”.

It’s a milestone that lets us discover the way the relationship dynamic deals with compromise. Having a first fight is hardly ever a cause for concern as it’s a commonly discussed topic and place of happily offered advice (hence the grandmothers reference). Over time a couple may encounter a sexual dry spell – unfortunately, this hurdle is not talked about as much, there is not much grandmotherly wisdom offered to solve this scenario so many couples fear it’s the beginning of the end.

Are the days of hot passionate love gone forever? Absolutely not! Just as learning to compromise on the first fight, the sexual dry spell can be harnessed to help the couple grow emotionally closer. It’s time for friendship to develop and deepen.

Pretty lady

Here are 5 reasons to embrace this love life downtime and prepare for it’s awesome return:

1. Anticipation Builds
Think of the days you were dating before you had sex for the first time. The anticipation built up and you were both so frisky, all you could think about was sex. The the first time happened and it was an explosion followed by aftershocks of great sex for weeks on end. For couples who wait until marriage for sex, this anticipation builds even more.

It’s the human adage that you want what you can’t have. The restricted, the taboo. It makes us want it with desire so much more. Taking a couple months off will eventually build anticipation again. At first you won’t think of sex much but after time goes by, you’ll be missing the moment of shared passion.

2. Offers an Opportunity to Start a New Sex Life.
It happens to every couple, the sexual positions get repetitive, we fall into a comfortable pattern that ends up being ordinary. After taking all this time off from lovemaking, it’s much easier to slip into a new groove by trying something new the first time you get back together sexually.

An adult novelty is one of the most popular new things to try when the sex life is lacking. Shop online together, the mind will flow with images of what’s to come… sexual build up & anticipation at it’s finest! It gets delivered to your house but it’s important not to open the box yet. Wait until your first encounter and before you know it’ll you’ll be craving love like it’s your first time all over again.

3. Get re-connected emotionally.
Take this time to get to know each other better. Instead of having passion be forefront of conversation, this is your prime chance to learn about the childhood of your partner, get to know them intimately in an emotional and spiritual way. Enjoy activities together even simple things like a walk in the park or ice skating. Building a friendship is a very important factor in any romantic relationship as this is the glue that holds the couple together.

Many people say that once you have sex with a friend, the relationship is forever different and this seems to be so true, so take this relationship in reverse – you started off as lovers now it’s time to be friends for a while before retuning to your original relationship state.

4. Developing Trust

During the height of sexual exploration, the minds are so focused on each other that the rest of the world seems not to exist. After the sex life dulls down, attention returns to members of the opposite sex. It’s natural, men look at women – women look at men. This lull is really going to test the trust level in the relationship.

It’s time to weed out the good guys from the unfaithful guys (or girls!). Others may tempt the natural human sexual urges at this time since the newness of the relationship is gone. Here you will be put to the test yourself, to see if you really love the person you’re with – or if it’s just lust and infatuation that is now gone. This is a test that only time can tell, but monitoring the closeness and activities of your partner will help you know how dedicated they are to being committed to you.

Frances Denzel writes advice columns for couples helping to enhancing intimacy, love and passion encapsulating all aspects of life together, well into the golden years of marriage.

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Need a Change to your New Year Resolution? – Have Better Sex!

Mar 12
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resEven though we’re 2 ½ months into the new year, it’s never too late to retain focus on the New Years Resolution. How about having more (and better) sex?

Not only is it more fun then a traditional health-related resolutions, it develops a closer bond and makes intimacy new and exciting.

Sex burns many calories too so in a way it accomplishes double-duty with exercise related resolutions anyway.

Convinced? You should be! Here are 5 great ways to have a year of fabulous sex.

1. Leave the Bedroom.

It’s so easy to associate lovemaking with the bedroom. After all, that’s traditionally the area where all the action takes place. Try other rooms, like the kitchen counter or rocking chair. Furthermore, these places offer different possibilities of positioning making intercourse feel different. Try sitting on the counter while he stands on the floor or sitting in his lap on a rocking char. The back and forth movement of the chair matches your body’s motion completely enhancing the experience. Once you’ve accustomed yourself to these new areas, be more adventurous, why not try outside on the balcony or under a shady tree in a deserted park? The world is your sex playground!

2. Adult Playtoys

Many women associate a vibrator with solo playtime but there is a whole hearth of accessories designed specifically for couples. Try a vibrating ring for example, a soft device he wears that provides vibrations you’ll feel every time your bodies come close. The subtle addition has quite the impact and offers an entirety new tingle that always welcome. Browse together online at a store for couples like TheAdultToyShop.com where you can even ask the staff for some ideas and they’ll suggest things to get you started.

3. Quickies!

We’ve all seen a novel’s worth of foreplay tips and know how to set the scene for romance with candles, massages lotions and such. For an entirely new twist on passion, enjoy a quickie. Imagine this: You’re walking in the hall way going to put away some laundry in the closet. He’s coming out of the bedroom going to the kitchen to fix a snack. You meet and start kissing in the hallway, clothes come off quickly and a minute later you’re making love standing in the hallway. You knees buckle from the heat of the moment you two collapse to the ground. Your heart is beating so fast all of a sudden causing your whole body to feel tingly and excited. Once you’re done, your knees are still wobbly the entire time you’re folding laundry…

4. Read Erotica Novels

Riding on the back of 50 Shades of Grey popularity comes a flood of new erotica novels on the market. Reading a book describing a sexy love scene will bring your mind into a soothing serene sense complete with arousal and seduction. It’s no secret the mind is our most powerful tool when it comes to arousal and great sex so setting the scene in your head through a passionate story will get your internal juices flowing and prepare you for a passionate encounter. You’re already in the mood now sex will feel better since you’re already there! Don’t be overwhelmed when you walk into a book store, research erotica reviews first so you know what type of story best appeals to you.

5. Fantasize

Piggy backs on the previous tip. Read the novel and you’ve got a mind full of sexy shirtless studs waiting to carry you away to temptation island on horseback. The greatest part about fantasizing is you can imagine anyone you want. Following the suggestion where the mind is the most powerful arousal tool, imagine your lover is a superhero coming to save you and you’re the luckiest girl in the world as he choose you for his mistress! Every time you make love imagine a hot scene and each time will feel different.

Chicago Sexcon

Apr 13
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I don’t like to reveal where I like, frankly my closest friends don’t know what kind of operation I have online here but here’s a tidbit- I live in Chicago now and it’s time to announce my favorite event of the year: Chicago sexcon. The Sexcon is held at Chicago’s famous Excalibur night club. We also take over the adjoining Vision nightclub as well. So you know what that means, visit the event then party next door with the hot babes still dressed in their fetish gear after the BDSM show. Like a Halloween party with everyone still in fetish mode. Buy your tix in advance and I’ll see you at the show! If you want to know where I’ll be it’s in the line to see Co Co Velvet!


Sex Blogging it

Nov 8
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sexbeach1What’s the difference between a sex magazine and a sex blog? Nothing, it’s only how it looks. Sex toy reviews, sex tips and all the “how to get the girl” advice you could ever need is found from my favorite store, theadulttoyshop has a new sex blog. I like some of the posts they have, talking about terrible sex toys they would never sell – it’s an honest perspective you rarely see from a sex shop. Normally every store is like “this super orgasmic pleasure device will have you throwing your heard back in pure orgasmic ecstasy” only to have you disappointing from the over the top description. You won’t find that here, they are right to the point, no bullshit, no fluff. That’s why I love this place.

Of course you could buy something if you want, but it’s not necessary. Some poor girl sits on the other end of her keyboard all day long, typing endlessly and hoping that someone out there, somewhere will read her stuff. We’re nice people here at the erotic directory so we’ll provide her some referrals hopefully. Take a read, her stuff is funny and her sex tips are actually quite good. Also, it’s nice to read what women think of sex toys, a little juice for your masturbating.

Lesbian Play

Sep 29
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All men love a girl on girl fantasy. The fantasy lesbians look like this, one blonde, one brunette, young, sweet, excited and eager. They love to act out for you! The real life lesbians are not that fun to watch, they tend to be butchy so you want the porno fake lesbians. They are doing this just for you so give them what they want, some attention! This week’s cute lesbians for your enjoyment:

lesbians are more fun when they are on a webcam. You can get more interactive play. The webcam forces the ladies to improvise which is always more fun then a pre-planned script like in porn flicks. Why is webcam improvisation better? mainly because it’s more amateur like, it’s real life. There is no script and you scan see the babes do what they want to do, nit what a director tells them to go. The little slip ups and natural body movements are very erotic, it’s like almost being a voyeur watching the girls in their true form.

Playboy Wives

Aug 5
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It does not matter what other adjectives are used to describe Playboy girls, but regardless, you know they will be hot. These women are the cream of the crop. Playboy built a huge empire based on gathering the hottest girls in one place, putting them into cute little bunny costumes – and the rest is history!

You know what you’ll get here, good value for your hard earned buck so don’t delay, get in on the best adult action anywhere with this Playboy wives club.


These women are a different breed. It’s not your tradition porn site. The Playboy women are more for your viewing please, to tease the senses like fine wine, they wet your appetite like an amouse bouche at a fancy restaurant. These are women of class, and you are honored that they are stripping for you. The fine lines, perfect hair and elegant long and lean bodies are supermodel like in appearacne. The ladies of class have the best ass.

One for the Meatheads

May 25
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Women bodybuilders don’t get enough credit. They can be hot and erotic in a masculine way. If you’re a meathead, you may want to meet your match. The bodybuilder lady is all about business. She’s dedicated, passionate and most of all, she can handle a cock with hands of steel. There is something untouchable about rock hard abs of steel – on a women. Glistening muscles, sweet sweat, you could just eat her up like a candy bar made from solid candy.

Peak into the gym and see what these strong women are doing. The bodybuilder is the epitome of independence. She is strong, not only with the body but with the mind too. There’s no flaky personalities here, in fact these women can even compete with you and might try to dominate in the with the crunching category. This fetish fantasy could be from a secret desire to be dominated. If you want a woman to take control but you don’t like to overly kinky bondage and dominatrix clothing and gear, they bodybuilder lady will dominate you in a more subtle way. You can get your rocks off by keeping it “normal”. Try bodybuilder porn and enjoy something new.

Asian Beauties

Apr 27
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There is something so exotic about Asian women. The are elegant, graceful beautiful to name a few. Delicate and mystical like a unicorn, Asian women scream grace and beauty. It’s like a high class, higher form of woman. To see them in all their nude glory is a sight to behold.

An Asian woman’s face is inviting and elegant and when they make their sex face that alone is enough to get your sexual engines roaring with desire. They are smaller too which makes them more fun and easy to handle, they like being thrown around, pinned to the couch. they have small tiny love holes, a tight squeeze to penetrate.

Their bodies ar small and tight, very compact and small so there is no loose floppy skin here, everything is where it should be. Asian nipples and small perfectly round and firm, they could be the benchmark for nude sculptures with their perfection.

Asians like to perfect everything they do so you know when it comes to sex, they like to be good, they are eager to please and then can do it with showmanship and grace that you usually don’t find with other porn niches. The white girls can’t do it like the Asians can.

Slim tight legs, perky titties, a luscious face that tells you how much sex feel so great, these horny little babes sure can deliver and for the man watching he is certainly in for a treat. Give yourself a high class lady and some high class erotic entertainment.

Free adult dating

Apr 23
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As winter gives way to the rather very warm spring we are experiencing now, flowers of every shades and colours starts blossom, the same can be said of the ladies you see on the streets as huge winter cloths gives way to skimpy sexy number, men being what they are, the though of sex which is ever present in the mind gets triggered even more often as cleavages and short skirts as seen more often.

For those men who has a wife, girlfriend or a long term partner, having sex with someone other than your partner can be a problem, that is one of the reasons Very Naughty dates was created. Very Naughty helps you find women who are looking for sex or just a casual relationship. Discretion is one of our watch words are this fast growing Free adult dating site .

Very Naughty boasts of hundreds of men and women local to you, to find out other naughty singles or couples in your neighbourhood, all you have to do is register, upload you profile and start searching or browsing. We recently changed our membership model to give full premium membership to women, this has boosted the number of women to men ration significantly making your chances of finding as many women as your sexual fantasy can come with.

Women who have tried other adult dating site before joining Very Naughty gave a rave review for the dating functions at Very Naughty Dating which gives women control over their interaction with men. Women in adult dating sites are know to get inundated with much more attentions that they can handle making the adult dating environment intimidating, that is not at Very Naughty because women are in full control, they even have to give permission to a man they fancy first before communication can be established.

Men do like many features of Very Naughty which includes registering and uploading your profile free of charge and paying using credit card, debit card or even a mobile phone.

If you are looking for Naughty adult dating action in UK, you should head straight for Very Naughty dating.

Adult Chat Lines

Apr 5
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Have you ever considered using adult chat lines as a way to get your erotic kicks? I stumbled on this site recently (Adult Chat Lines)and found many different fetishes (some of which even my twisted mind had not thought of before!).

Let’s face it free porn is not hard to come by on the internet so occasionally it’s worth spending a couple of pounds on something a little different. Also – phone sex requires a level of participation on your part – so it’s just much better than a cheeky wank over some porn on the net. I suppose you could compare it to introducing sex toys into your relatively ‘normal’ sex life! It’s like “how come I have never done this before?”

Interested? I would wholeheartedly recommend trying adult chat lines if you are a UK punter. There’s Phone sex gay style as well as straight and recorded phone sex– check it out – it’s seriously improved my sex life!

Natural Big Tits are Real

Mar 31
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natural tits
Big tits that are fake and big tits that are real are very different from each other. Both are fantastic. I love them both but they each have their own appeal. Large natural tits are more natural, obviously. They flop more. When the girl rides you like a cowgirl, her tits flop about and sway with her movements. It’s allot of action and gives your eyes a whole lot to feast on.

You can move them and flop them and squish them in your handful. You can titty fuck them because the are like heavy sandbags that move with ease. You can make a titty fuck so tight that it seems as if you’re having sex within her vagina. It can be that tight! You can bury your face in them and wrap them around your head. Some tits are so big that you can muffle your hearing as they cover your ears!

Big tit nipples are very different too, they are flat and wide. usually pancake nipples which have lot of appeal. It’a all boob here. It’s the nature given well endowed female and she’s glorious in her natural beauty.

The contrary of fake huge tits is that they are too tight so you don’t have the movement and flexibility that comes with huge natural tits. I think that fake tits look really nice but they stay in place too much, there is something so spectacular about loosely flopping tits a a man just loves. It’s more natural.

Is Double Penetration anal for real?

Mar 5
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dp anal sex

Just when you through you’ve seen it all, the babes in the porn industry stretch more to their limits and do the unthinkable – double penetration anal!

I’m sure that only 10 years ago, if you typed that into Google you wouldn’t have found anything even close to the subject but just as evolution takes it course and things change, this is one of those advancements in porn. Two cocks in one ass? Is that even possible? hell i don’t know but if you click on that banner and see for yourself. mainly out of sexual curiosity but there is obviously enough people who are interested because their is a whole porn site dedicated to this very strange sex practice.

All I can hope is that the girls are getting paid enough because who could handle two cocks in one anus? Well these girls can. I wonder if they started with regular anal and then upgraded to double anal. I bet that they have gaping ass holes like you see in some photos, they probably go for a photo shoot after their session too, i hope hope so anyway it’s a great way to monetize the situation.

Another question i would have is if it hurst for the guys. That would be one tight ass space! Does it hurt when their penises are stuck together and forced into one tiny hole? Hopefully they use lube. With all these burning questions, you have to go check this out for yourself!

Deep Thoat Talent

Feb 4
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Sloppy wet, warm, tight, wet and tight… It’s exactly what a guy wants. Sometimes oral sex feels better then sex, sometimes the mouth is tighter then the pussy. It shouldn’t be that way but if the girl has been around the block a bunch of times, it will be that way. In that case, get a blow job instead.

Normally the girl who is loose is very good at blow jobs because they’ve done it hundreds of times. You’ll more the likely be another notch on the bed post but at least you’ll get good head. Contrary to your ultimate fantasy, a girl that’s killer at head will not be a virgin.

Virgins will scratch your dick with your teeth. They need lots of practice to be good, blow jobs aren’t an easy thing to do. If you don’t have a resident slut around to give you the best in deep throating action, at least watch these sluts do it. Hot really deep action from the Absolute pros.

You know a girl has to be good at oral sex if she’s going to star in blow job porn, so rest assured that this is money well spent when you want deep throat porn. You’ll see lots of slopping, slurping and the finest talented ladies at giving the best blow jobs. All you can do is wish you were this guy.

Gift for woman – happy ending for you.

Jan 25
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sex gift
To all the guys out there with a girlfriend, wife or bed buddy. Read the following gift guide. It’s all about getting something for you. What better motivation for showering your lady with gifts then to know that you’re getting your sexual needs met in the end. The following practically guarantees you’ll get sexually satisfied before the night is over. The next time you feel like treating her to something special, keep yourself in mind and get yourself a treat too.

1.) Lacy crotchless panties
We all know that women look great in lingerie, a corset is very hot but it covers the good stuff and prevents you from copping a feel. What’s a man to do? Get crotchless panties. They look great and you can still get your access. She will like it because it will hide any pubic hair stubble and protect you. She will feel much less self conscious. She’s let you have sex with her because she will know that it hides any imperfections and here’s the big part: she might even let you leave the light on this time! You get sex and a better view with the lights on. Good start.

2.) Edible massage oil
You can give her a massage but that’s boring and most of the time she’s be so relaxed that she’ll fall asleep. That’s a no-go for you, a night of failure as you’re stuck all randy with your woman fast asleep. So much for the erotic sex that it promises. Here’s how you get around this. Skip the sensual and go for sexual, edible massage oil smells really good and tastes nice and sweet, it’s like subtle melted candy. Pour it on her back and as you rub it around, bend over and lick her neck, lick and nibble everywhere and she will slowly become aroused. your finger can “slip” and you can finger her pussy and then lick the taste out. Good for you because it covers her taste – that is of course if you’re not crazy about her taste. As you lick her, she will get turned on and you can use this sexual arousal for your own sexual needs, ’nuff said.

3.) Vibrating bullet
Too many men give their women vibrators. then they get an orgasm from the vibrator and most of the time, they are done and want to sleep. It’s a myth the women of many orgasms, for the most part, women only want 1 orgasm and then they check out. Orgasms make women tired and they don’t want to keep going all night long. The exception to this is a new relationship, they have the stamina of a lioness, but after a settled relationship, it’s a different turn of events. If you use a bullet vibrator, this simulates her clit and her vagina will get extra wet, extra fast. It will crave to be stuffed with nothing else but you. While you hold the vibrating bullet over her clit, finger her but only up the knuckle. It will create the biggest desire Finger her g-spot a little bit. She will crave you so much that the obvious ending is her begging for your cock. Give it to her. You win.

4.) Pole/belly dancing lessons.
You’ll need to have an outgoing girl for her to like this. The right type of girl will love it. If you’re unsure if she’s game with the idea of stripping front of you, buy an educational DVD. yes they exist. She can learn sexy moves in the privacy of her own home. She might practice in front of you. Another card to play is that it’s a good way to exercise. She will instantly agree. It’s a far fetched idea but of she’s game, you’ll have the best night because finally, you’ll be able o sleep with the lady testing an stripping in front of you without the risk if disease.

Giver the the gift of comfort, sexuality and she will give you the gift if sex and in the end that’s all we really want. Right guys?